Taking Christmas Decorations To Storage Rental? Follow These Tips


It's finally time to bring your Christmas decorations back to your storage rental facility. If you don't know the best ways to store your Christmas decorations in your rental unit, you run the risk of losing or damaging items for next year. Following these smart packing tips can help make storing your Christmas decorations easier and more efficient, and can help you avoid losing Christmas decorations from one year to the next.

Use Green and Red Tubs for Easy Spotting

Green and red plastic tubs, often sold at home improvement centers around the holidays, are sure to stand out among the other boxes you keep in your storage unit. Putting your Christmas decorations in these colorful bins will make it easy to spot your Christmas decorations next year.

Cluster Holiday Boxes Together

Put all your holiday boxes together in one place in your storage unit. Doing this will help ensure that you won't have to dig around in all the corners of your storage area in order to get the decorations out again next year. Keeping the boxes together will also make it easier to find everything when the time comes.

Be Careful with Wax Items

Unless your storage unit is climate controlled, wax decorations (like candles) can melt when the temperatures warm up in the summer. To avoid problems, keep your holiday candles somewhere in your house instead of your rental unit. If you're afraid of forgetting about the candles next Christmas, leave yourself a reminder note in a box of Christmas decorations before you put the box away in your storage unit.

Put the Tree in a Wheeled Case

Artificial trees are heavy and bulky, and can be difficult to transport from your home to your storage unit. You can make this easier on yourself by putting your Christmas tree in a wheeled case. A wheeled case will make it easy to roll your Christmas tree from your home to your vehicle, then from your vehicle into your storage unit.

Store Wrapping Paper in Under-the-Bed Boxes

Under-the-bed boxes are long and narrow, which means that they're perfect for keeping wrapping paper safe. You'll notice that under-the-bed boxes are long and awkwardly shaped, which can make them difficult to store in your rental unit. To avoid problems, turn your boxes on their sides and store them in between stacks of other boxes in your storage unit.

For more tips and information about the best ways to store your Christmas decorations in your storage unit, talk to a representative from your storage rental company.


30 December 2015

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