Keep Your Storage Unit Effectively Organized With These Tips


Visiting a self-storage business close to your home, renting a unit and beginning to relocate some of your possessions is an effective way to essentially increase the square footage of your home. Instead of having many of your possessions stored under your roof, they'll just be a short drive away for easy retrieval. When you have a rental unit, it's best to load the space effectively -- after all, you're paying by the square foot, so the smarter you can load the unit, the smaller your rental bill will be each month. Organizing the space can be easy through following these steps.

Line The Walls With Shelves

The key to effectively organizing your storage unit is to be able to fit as many things into the space as possible while still keeping a sense of order. You can often achieve this goal by buying some inexpensive shelving units and placing them along the three walls of the unit. Shelves will allow you to pack your possessions up toward the ceiling; without shelves, you'll risk damaging some of your more fragile items if you stack them. You don't have to spend much money for solid shelving. Check your city's online classifieds to find cost-effective solutions.

Place Items In A Sensible Order

Many peoples' storage possessions are a combination of sentimental items that they can't bring themselves to throw out and other items that they know they'll need in the future. If this describes what you'll be moving into the unit, it's ideal to place your items in a sensible order. In general, this means placing the items you don't anticipate accessing in the near future toward the back of the unit or at the bottom of any piles of boxes. Keep things that you expect to retrieve closer to the front of the unit or atop piles where they're easily reachable. Taking this approach will drastically cut down on the length of your visits to the storage facility.

Make Note Of Items' Location

Loading your storage unit with your possessions shouldn't be a free-for-all event. Even if you're in a hurry to get the job completed, you'll benefit from making notes that provide the location of as many of your items as possible. Use a notebook and draw a rough diagram of the unit, and then draw squares and rectangles to denote the placement of items around the space. Assign each shape a letter and then, in the margins of the sketch, write the letter and the corresponding items in that box. For example, "Box A – summer outdoor dishes and glasses."

For more information and tips, contact local storage companies, such as Controlled Storage Systems.


6 January 2016

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