How To Make Sure Your Next Move Goes Smoothly


If you're planning to move, it can be a stressful time. Getting everything packed and ready to go, trying to sell your home, and dealing with changing all of your utilities over to your new address can make moving less pleasant than you might hope. Here are a few helpful tips to ensure that your next move goes smoothly and is less stressful.

Advance Planning

Before the big moving day, plan a few things in advance so they're taken care of before you move. Call your insurance company, utility companies, and cell phone and cable companies to let them know your new move in date and give them your new address. This will make the transition much easier and you won't have to worry about having the power turned on while you're in your new home or making phone calls while you unpack. Don't forget to give your utility companies a date to shut your service off at the old address either, or else you'll end up paying for days you are no longer living there. 

Get Organized

You don't have to pack everything in a hurry a day or two before you move. Start packing items you don't need right away so they are out of your way and ready to be loaded onto the moving truck. Only keep things out that you will need like pots and pans, bedding, and a few outfits, and pack things like collectibles, books, and other items neatly in boxes. Be sure you label your boxes with a black marker and clearly indicate what is inside each one. This will make unpacking easier on you, too. Make sure you have enough boxes and tape before you start packing so you can get everything going quickly.

On The Big Day

On the day of your move, take the bed apart so it can be loaded onto the truck. Store your bedding in plastic bags or a cardboard box and label it. Make sure you keep all of your essentials like toiletries, medication, and your cell phone with you and not packed away. Clean the home and vacuum the floors, and double check every room just to be sure you have not left anything behind accidentally. Confirm with the moving company that they will arrive on time, and it's always a good idea to be there when they move your items just to make sure everything goes smoothly and nothing gets damaged.

By being proactive and prepared, moving day should be a breeze {read more here}.


8 January 2016

Improving Your Next Move

As soon as my boss asked me to move tor work, I started worrying about the upcoming relocation. I was worried about how my kids would respond to the new surroundings and how I would cope with a different office. Fortunately, I had a helpful friend at the time who walked me through the entire process. He gave me a few tips that helped me to dramatically improve the moving process, including working with movers to handle packing and disassemble my furniture. I wanted to make other people more aware of the resources they have available to them, which is the reason I made this blog.