What You Should Know Before Buying A Preowned Piano


Buying a preowned piano can be a great investment. Before you commit to buying any preowned piano, there are a few things to consider. Here, you will learn what those things are.

Moving the Piano

How will you get the piano out of the seller's house to your own home? Will you find a group of buddies to help you carry it and load it up on a truck to haul across town. Pianos can get damaged during transport if you don't know how to properly handle and move them.

For the best results, hiring a crew experienced with moving pianos is the best option. Not only will you not put yourself and your friends at risk of injury while moving the heavy piano, but you won't have to worry about what will happen to it as you make your way from the seller's house to your own. If by chance something was to happen, the insurance that the moving company provides should cover the repairs and/or losses. Learn more here. 

Value of the Piano

It can be difficult to know if you are getting a great deal on some of the preowned pianos being sold. Lack of research on the seller's behalf could land you a great deal or it could cost you several hundred more than it should.

To find the value of a piano, look for the serial number on the plate near the turning pins. That number can be used to research the value of the piano online or through a piano expert. Once you learn the true value of the piano, you can make a fair offer to the seller if it is priced beyond what you think is fair.

Condition of the Piano

A piano that looks perfect from the outside may not be perfect on the inside. In fact, a lot of damage can occur to the working mechanisms inside the piano without showing any signs of wear or abuse on the outside.

Inspect the strings and hammers. Are the strings evenly spaced? Do the dampers line up with the strings? Press each key and watch as the hammer hits the string. Does every hammer hit the strings?

Take a look at the lower elements inside the piano by removing the bottom board. Insect damage, mouse droppings and moisture or corrosion damage will be evident and should never be overlooked.

Sound of the Piano

Sit down and play a little bit. How does it sound? Now, it doesn't have to be in tune to be in good shape, but it should produce a sound that you enjoy. After you move it, it will need to be tuned anyway, so an out of tune piano shouldn't be disregarded.

Consider each of these things before you hand the money over for your new used piano. Doing so will protect you from losing money and ending up with an unusable piano in your home.


14 January 2016

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