Tips For Saving Money When You Are Moving


If you are getting ready to move in the near future and you are worried about the cost of everything, you might want to consider some of the following tips for saving money. This way, you will be able to move without having to worry about going broke in the process.

Use Things From Home For Packing Materials

You might have some things that will require some extra padding so that they do not get broken in the process of moving. Instead of spending money on things such as bubble wrap and foam peanuts, you can make use of things that you already have around the house, which will not cost you a thing. Use some of your sweaters, towels, sheets, and thin blankets as padding for your drinking glasses, dishware, statues, picture frames, or anything else that needs protection so that it does not break.

Hire Movers During The Middle Of The Week

A lot of professional local moving companies will lower their prices during the middle of the week in order to try to get more business. This is because many people try to move on the weekends, leaving their weekday schedule less than packed. In order to entice more customers to schedule during the week with them, they might run specials, discounts, or offer coupons in the local paper.

Pack Everything Yourself

Even if the professional movers give you the option of packing everything for you, you might want to do it all yourself. If you read the fine print, or simply ask, you will probably find that getting assistance with the packing of everything will come at an additional price. Therefore, you will want to pack up everything on your own. Just make sure that you are properly marking all of your boxes so the movers can easily put the boxes in the correct rooms once they get to your home.

Use Used Boxes

Find as many used boxes as you can in order to help with your move. Stop by your local grocery, department, or dollar store to see when they will receive their deliveries, as this is when you can usually find a lot of boxes. Just make sue that you are getting permission from the manager or supervisor before going through their dumpsters in an attempt to retrieve boxes. In some areas, you cannot take anything from a dumpster without permission, as it could still be considered theft.

With those few tips in mind, you should have a much easier time figuring out how to save money on your next move.


18 January 2016

Improving Your Next Move

As soon as my boss asked me to move tor work, I started worrying about the upcoming relocation. I was worried about how my kids would respond to the new surroundings and how I would cope with a different office. Fortunately, I had a helpful friend at the time who walked me through the entire process. He gave me a few tips that helped me to dramatically improve the moving process, including working with movers to handle packing and disassemble my furniture. I wanted to make other people more aware of the resources they have available to them, which is the reason I made this blog.