Packing Tips That Will Make Everything Easier


If you are going to be moving and needing to put your belongings into a storage unit for a period of time, then you want to make sure you follow some tips that will make it easy to find something if you need to. By following the advice offered here, you can pack everything quickly and with purpose.

Pack one room at a time

Instead of going through your house trying to put all the nick knacks in one box, all the pictures in another and so on, it's better to pack one room completely, then move on to the next. The chances are that you are going to want your new home situated much in the same way as your current one, so packing in this manner allows you to put the boxes in the appropriate rooms at your new place and quickly unpack.

 Take inventory of each box

As you are packing each item into a box, write it down on paper and give the box a number. Put that same number on the sides of the box. To make things even easier, you can give the room the box came from a letter and mark the box with it as well. For example, the master bedroom will be boxes A1, A2 and A3 with the next bedroom being B1, B2 and B3.

Pack the storage unit with the boxes packed in order, keeping the letters together and the numbers in order. When you need to find an item, check the list to see what box it is and then find it easily by following the order the boxes are packed in to easily locate the one you need.

Pack the storage unit properly

Put your large appliances and furniture against the very back wall. It's going to be easier if you pack everything in boxes of the same size. When you put them in the unit, start by lining the sides and back of the unit. Stack the boxes with the heaviest on the bottom, the lightest on the top and no higher than you can reach while standing on the ground.

Place bagged items, lamp shades, and other lightweight awkward items on the top boxes. After the sides and back is packed, create rows with a couple feet of space between them so you can walk through to get at any box you need.

By taking the steps detailed here to pack your unit, you will be surprised at just how easy it will be to find exactly what you need. It will also make it easier to unpack in your knew home with your boxes so clearly labeled. For more information, talk to a professional like Father & Son Moving & Storage.


20 January 2016

Improving Your Next Move

As soon as my boss asked me to move tor work, I started worrying about the upcoming relocation. I was worried about how my kids would respond to the new surroundings and how I would cope with a different office. Fortunately, I had a helpful friend at the time who walked me through the entire process. He gave me a few tips that helped me to dramatically improve the moving process, including working with movers to handle packing and disassemble my furniture. I wanted to make other people more aware of the resources they have available to them, which is the reason I made this blog.