4 Accidents Waiting To Happen When Moving Heavy Furniture Alone


While hiring professional movers may sound like an expensive luxury that you cannot afford when trying to stick with a budget, it is best to consider the benefits they can provide and the kinds of issues that could occur without them. Whether you live in a small apartment or a large 2- to 3-bedroom home, you likely have heavy furniture that can be difficult to move.

If you do not have any assistance through friends or family to help with your move, consider some of the following problems that can occur while moving furniture by yourself.

Throwing Your Back Out

One of the worst accidents that can occur when moving furniture by yourself is throwing your back out. Back injuries can be extremely painful and can last months or years before they improve—and in some cases will never disappear entirely. While wearing a back brace and using proper form when moving anything heavy can be helpful, it is best to rely on professionals for the task.

Damaging the Furniture by Accident

Another issue that can arise when moving furniture by yourself is getting the furniture scuffed up or even broken. When moving or dragging heavy furniture through your home, you could end up hitting the walls or stairs and cause the furniture to be damaged.

While some damage can be as simple as applying touch-up paint, other accidents could mean that your furniture needs some serious repairs.

Scuffing the Walls

Damaging the walls can be a serious problem when moving heavy furniture alone, leading to damage in the form of chipped paint or holes in the wall. While you can wrap the corners of your furniture with fabric to avoid damaging the walls, it is better off to rely on others for help with moving.

Damaging the Tile or Hardwood Flooring

If any heavy furniture is dropped suddenly or dragged along the floor, you should not be surprised if the flooring is damaged. In fact, tile can crack entirely, while hardwood can get large dents or scratch marks from the move. Having someone help lift the furniture entirely and supporting it during the move can help ensure that the floor is not damaged.

Although you may be uncertain about moving heavy furniture with someone else, it is better to first consider the kind of problems that can occur if you do it all alone. With the help of professional movers, like Men on the Move, you do not need to worry about any of the above accidents and can even get a guarantee that everything will be moved safely. 


28 January 2016

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