How To Make Sure Your Next Move Goes Smoothly


If you're planning to move, it can be a stressful time. Getting everything packed and ready to go, trying to sell your home, and dealing with changing all of your utilities over to your new address can make moving less pleasant than you might hope. Here are a few helpful tips to ensure that your next move goes smoothly and is less stressful. Advance Planning Before the big moving day, plan a few things in advance so they're taken care of before you move.

8 January 2016

Keep Your Storage Unit Effectively Organized With These Tips


Visiting a self-storage business close to your home, renting a unit and beginning to relocate some of your possessions is an effective way to essentially increase the square footage of your home. Instead of having many of your possessions stored under your roof, they'll just be a short drive away for easy retrieval. When you have a rental unit, it's best to load the space effectively -- after all, you're paying by the square foot, so the smarter you can load the unit, the smaller your rental bill will be each month.

6 January 2016

A Few Hidden Costs To A Commercial Move And How To Avoid Them


When it comes time to move your company, getting things started in advance can keep the cost of the move down. Simple things like saving boxes from merchandise and supplies as you empty them will keep you from having to pay for them later. However, there are some costs that are not as obvious, and may not show up until after the move is complete. Take some time to consider the following to avoid these hidden costs.

3 January 2016